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Radio control for Cranes.

Newsletter 8

T.R.O.L.L. is the running line tensiometer, with overload limiter function, designed and "produced in Europe".
    ASMI snc manufactures Electronic and Electromechanical Load Limiters, Load Cells, Weighing Systems, Accessories for Lifting, Running Line Tensiometer, Dynamometers, Fastening Systems for Rails and Honing Tools.

And Vetrina

Load limiter WIN 6

Load limiter for load cells.


Grillo Omega con sistema integrato di pesatura


T.R.O.L.L. - Running Line Tensiometer / Overload Limiter

Visualized Load Cells

Load cells with weight indicator and display integrated.

Load limiters, weighing systems, load cells and more.

A.S.M.I. s.n.c. was founded in 1979 from the passion of its founder, Guido Michelon that, immediately, specialize the company  in the precision engineering and production of articles and tools of his own invention.

In 1997 the company approaches the field of lifting equipment, specializing in the production of industrial weighing systems and electromechanical load limiters : products that stand out from the beginning for the high quality of the components and the reliability.

Since 2001, always with attention to the needs of its customers and market demands, ASMI s.n.c. starts the production, alongside the traditional one, of an whole series of new products finalized at industrial weighing and with particular attention to specific applications of all cranes: standard and special.

Today, more than 30 years after his birth, A.S.M.I. s.n.c., thanks to the precious collaboration with prestigious brands and companies with high experience, is a global supplier of unquestionable reliability that makes the high quality of the products, the on-time delivery and flexibility its strengths.